Interbike 2012: NukeProof Bikes + Components

2013 marks a big push for NukeProof into the North American market. This year, NukeProof has a bunch of exciting (and good looking) new gear. At the show, four complete bikes were on display. Along with revisions to their existing bikes, there were two completely new rides as well as an ever-growing component line.

With a gravity slant to most of their lineup, the shortest travel bike on display was the Mega TR. Built around a 130mm-travel rear wheel chassis, a stock Rockshox Reveb Stealth helps set this cool-looking ride apart. The show model was configured with a single ring XO crank and chainguide up front with an XO type 2 rear derailleur.

If you need more gears, the Mega TR has provisions for a direct-mount front derailleur. Cable routing is very clean, running along the top side of the downtube, collecting the rear derailleur cable, brake cable, and the Reverb Steath line. Accented with NukeProof carbon bars, stem, headset, and wheels, this is one clean-looking bike.

Shot of the pulse in pre-production color. Unfortunately, the Nukeproof booth's location made it tough to get a good shot of the bike.

The next bike that caught my attention was the Pulse. Using input from the CRC / NukeProof team over the course of four years of riding the Scalp, the Pulse features 210mm of rear wheel travel. A refined axle path and improved three-stage fallout linkage makes for a World Cup-capable rig. The rear wheel’s movement is managed by either a Rockshox Vivid RC2 or Cane Creek DB coil. Standing side by side with the Scalp, you cannot help but notice the improved linkage packaging, which both improves the overall appearance and lateral stiffness as well.

Double row bearings, split forging, and adjustable chain stay length are all incorporated in the design of the Pulse. The frame itself is made from 6061 T6 aluminum.

The Scalp remains in the lineup, but now at a more affordable price. Still a very capable DH racer, the Scalp features 209mm of rear travel controlled by a Rockshox Kage coil shock.

Other highlighted goodies on display were NukeProof bars, stems, and pedals in matching black, yellow, and silver.

Look forward to a few reviews of NukeProof’s extensive lineup in the near future!