Interbike 2012: New Wheels, Bars, Stems, and Seatposts from Easton

Easton is a brand name that everyone knows, even if they’re not into cycling. This year, Easton is releasing some really interesting products, as well as cleaning up the rest of their line with fresh graphics that match throughout the entire product range.

As usual, the hoops are a big deal. This year Easton boasts a carbon wheel for everyone, from the Haven to the EC70 line. The EC70 Trail carbon wheel is a bargain (as far as carbon goes) for those looking for a carbon wheel. Compared to its bigger brother, the EC90 wheels, these are $700 cheaper (per pair). With an approximate price of $1850 (price varies depending on wheel size), that is still a big investment for most. But with a feather weight of 1460g (29er) / 1355g (26er), that represents a great loss of weight on many bikes. A 20mm inner rim profile is just about right for anyone who wants to run a 2.2″-2.4″ tire. At that width of rim, you’re looking at some serious strength!

As with the entire Easton line, the EC70 wheels run straight-pull Sapim spokes, with a 24 spoke, 3-cross pattern both front and rear.  Now the bad news: this wheel is not UST, so you will have to run a Stan’s conversion to get the benefits of tubeless tires. This is a tradeoff that unfortunately had to be made to fit in the target price point.

What bikes do these wheels fit? With a QR 9mm / 15mm through axle for the front, and a 10x135QR / 12X135/142 through axle rear, these fit many of the XC and Trail 29ers and 26ers out there.

Easton continues its good work on its cockpit components. For all the gravity riders out there, the buzz is all about the 35mm Havoc bar and stem combinations that are filtering in. These are in such demand that it wasn’t until recently that I scored a set to review, despite the fact they debuted at Sea Otter. Up close these bars look heavy due to the increased diameter, but at 225g (uncut) these are crazy light. Add to that the minimalistic direct mount stem at 110g, and you’re getting a complete steering system that weighs about the same as an alloy bar.

The alloy version of the Havoc 35 bar weighs 300g. Both bars are 800mm wide with identical bends of 9° back sweep and 5° upsweep and a 20mm rise.

Here is a shot of the new graphics that will be found on the line–in this case, an EA70 seatpost. Similar graphic treatments are finally available on the Haven and Havoc posts.

Check out Easton’s website for more info and a complete look at what they have available.

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