Ibis is Shipping Adjustable-Width Carbon MTB Handlebars

Ibis adjustable-width carbon MTB handlebars are 750mm wide and feature 25mm extensions to bring the total width to 800mm.

The new Ibis adjustable-width handlebar. Photo: Ibis.

Ibis Cycles is offering a new set of adjustable-width carbon handlebars.

The adjustment is made possible using threaded aluminum inserts at the end of the handlebars, with 25mm-long extensions. The handlebars start at a 750mm wide and extend up to 800mm, with options to cut the extensions down by however much the customer chooses.

Photo: Ibis.

If they’re cut past preference, or buyers just want more length options, replacement inserts are $15 per set.

Ibis says they have recognized a need for more customization in handlebars, and that one width is not always going to do the trick.

Enduro racing is a good example for why someone may want to switch up their width. Clear cut jump trails may be suitable for 800mm wide bars, but a tight, fresh cut trail through the woods may demand a more narrow bar.

The bars come in a Lo-Fi version with 10mm of rise and a Hi-Fi version with 30mm of rise.

Photo: Ibis.

The Hi-Fi weighs 249g and the Lo-Fi weighs 238g with the extensions.

Ibis is now shipping these bars with their XT, X01, and XX1 builds and they’re available for an upgrade fee on NX and GX builds. For aftermarket buyers, they’ll be available in the fall for $170. Ibis backs them with a seven year warranty.