i-RIDE – Why don’t you?

I first saw one of these bad boy’s over on RL Policar’s blog and I couldn’t believe my eyes: bike mounted iPod speakers. Yep, you too can ghetto blast your way down the mountain bike trail with the i-RIDE bicycle stereo from Active Tunes.

RL’s tricked-out Kart reminded me of my bike when I was a kid. Back then I had a bike mounted FM radio that I thought was the heat. I also had (at various times) a battery powered turn-signal system, a mechanical speedometer/odometer (no fancy digital readout back then), and a electronic horn/siren. Now I ride with a GPS mounted to my bars, ain’t that fancy?

I guess the bicycle stereo technology slowed a bit between FM radios and the i-RIDE – a bicycle mounted CD player probably wouldn’t work too well. What do you have mounted to your bike?

Pee Wee Herman Bike