High tech MTB crash protection & tips for n00bs

I read a couple good articles on mountain biking this morning:

  • The Gear Junkie, Stephen Regenold, reviewed the D3O Armored L/S Crew and D3O Ultimate Chamois Bike Short from Spyder which is made with some super high tech materials that can protect you in a mountain bike crash. The secret is d30 gel, a space age material that is soft and supple in most conditions except in a crash where it freezes up and becomes rigid. Apparently the material works as advertised – Stephen hit himself with a pipe and hammer and found the material protected him well. This level of comfort and protection doesn’t come cheap – $350 just for the top – though who can put a price on their safety?
  • Asheville, NC has some of the best mountain biking on the east coast and the Citizen Times has an article about the scene while offering tips for noobs who are just getting started. For those who aren’t familiar, Pisgah National Forest is located just outside Asheville and boasts some killer mountain bike trails. Head up (or down) this summer for some epic riding and the fresh mountain air.