Half Camelbak, Half Waterbottle: Sip Stream

If you’re like me you’re not a big fan of the Camelbak or similar backpack mounted hydration system. I mean it’s heavy, bulky, and hot when you’re riding and it just tends to harsh your flow down the trail. Water bottles, on the other hand, get dirty and they tend to throw you off balance when you reach for them on the go.

Enter the Sip Stream. The Sip Stream system mounts a hydration pack style drinking tube to your bike and puts the straw within reach of your cake hole. The custom water bottle and holder plugs into the system and lets you switch out quickly and easily for longer rides.

For you loyal readers out there you’ll remember the story about the hundreds of sick bikers in Canada this summer who fell victim to bacteria poisoning from mud-caked water bottles. Sip Stream promises to keep you safer, but I’d still wipe that straw before taking a swig!