Gore Bike Wear Freeride Shorts and ALP-X Jersey Review


Trying out new things is always fun, especially since sometimes you find stuff that’s way better than you even thought was possible. For me, I’ve always had a hard time finding MTB clothing that is comfortable right out of the box – until now. Gore Bike Wear’s new Freeride shorts and ALP-X Jersey are easily two of the most comfortably fitted pieces of MTB apparel I have worn.


The Gore Freeride shorts are understated in design and graphics. They are not the flashiest shorts out there but perform exceedingly well, going beyond my expectations of how a short in this class should feel. One great thing about these shorts is that when you’re done with your ride and want to go for drinks or a bite, you can just keep them on – these shorts are a big step up the fashion ladder from spandex.

Beyond good looks, the Gore Freeride shorts breathe so well you won’t overheat or feel uncomfortable even with the hammer down. I especially appreciate the adjustable zippered vents in the front of the shorts; unlike other shorts I’ve worn, these slots are actually large enough to let a comfortable amount of cool air inside.

With an MSRP of $149, you may be wondering if these shorts are worth the investment but a quick check of the spec sheet shows you’re getting a lot for your money. Like all Gore products, these shorts are constructed with cutting-edge materials and the company has spent hundreds of hours on research and development to get the perfect fit and performance.

Although these are called “Freeride” shorts, don’t let the name fool you – these are not full-on Freeride shorts by any means. Instead I recommend these as a Enduro / Trail / XC shorts, a great all around choice for anyone who like to ride fast and long!


A perfect compliment to the Gore Freeride shorts is the ALP-X jersey shown here in grey/green with black trim. This Jersey is a slim fit style so try one on before you purchase to get just the right fit. Based on the fit of my ALP-X I’d say this jersey is really a cross between a race jersey and a slightly baggier, casual jersey. One thing I really like about the ALP-X is the subdued logo just above the top left breast – nothing flashy here, just simple, understated, purpose-built stuff here. Like other pieces of outerwear Gore makes, the ALP-X jersey sports reflective piping instead of ugly, fat strips of reflective material.

The multi-paneling on this jesery enables a ton of freedom in the arms as well and there is little to no pinching when moving around. For a MSRP of $119 I think it’s a decent purchase, a bit more than you would normally pay but since it’s a Gore product you know you’re getting a superior product with leading edge moisture control materials.


Going for a few rides around the local trails and hitting some of my favorite stunts and hills I have fallen in love with the Freeride shorts and ALP-X jersey, and I may have to say goodbye to an old favorite of mine (made by another well known brand). Buy the Gore Bike Wear Freeride shorts and ALP-X jersey – you just might find that you end up riding a whole lot more because of them!


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