Review: Blackburn Outpost HV Pump


Normally I don’t carry a big pump with me when I ride, but after I got a fat bike, I realized that a decent-sized pump is necessary. A small pump just doesn’t cut it with those big tires.

If you take a quick look at the Blackburn Outpost HV pump you could almost mistake it for a stanchion off a fork. The pump is made durable and tough with quality anodizing coatings that both make the pump look pretty but also keep it working smoothly even to bitterly-cold temperatures (-40°C / F).


The unit can quickly convert from Schrader to Presta by removing the pump head cap and turning the plastic adapter and rubber gasket around. The Twist Grip valve head allows you to easily lock on to the valve stem with a simple twist. This task can be completed even while wearing thick winter gloves.


The back of the pump houses a flip switch, allowing you to easily swap from low pressure to high pressure. This makes it easy to pump any tire up to 80psi, regardless of tire size. Blackburn claims the new Outpost HV has the largest air volume per stroke in the mini pump market.

A frame mount comes in the package for easy pump storage on the down tube of your rig, if you don’t want to carry it around in your hydration pack. Over the course of my test the mount held the pump securely and I wasn’t afraid that it would fall off.


I have to admit, I wasn’t too keen about carrying around a bunch of extra gear with me, but my Norco Sasquatch has been fun to kick around even loaded down like a pack mule. I added panniers and a front box to it along with the Outpost pump.


I found this pump absolutely necessary when riding my fat bike. I thought it was worth it to stop and pump the tires up a bit more for longer, extended flat rides, then take down the pressure when the trails got rougher. The Outpost makes pumping the pressure up much faster than it would be with a smaller pump. The quality of the build and the sheer volume of air this pump moves are the biggest selling points here.

MSRP: $39.99

Thanks to Blackburn for providing the Outpost HV for review.

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