FSA Has New Carbon Mountain Bike Goods and Rolf Prima Hits the Dirt

Northwest brands FSA and Rolf Prima open up their mountain bike options with new carbon and alloy products.

The FSA K-Force 1x crankset is made from hollow carbon fiber arms and has a forged aluminum spindle. MSRP: $549

Component maker FSA (Full Speed Ahead) has been busy getting their latest mountain bike products dialed and ready for release.

A lot of riders know FSA for their headset spacers, crank sets, and stems, but they’ve got a solid carbon fiber lineup now too. The FSA K-Force 1x crank set pictured above is their new premium carbon fiber crankset option.

The new Gradient handlebar is carbon fiber, will come in a 20 or 30mm rise at 800mm wide.

The new FSA Gradient bar is expected to be available in the spring. Price is TBD.

The FSA Gradient line also features a carbon wheelset, with a 29mm internal rim width for $1,349.
The FSA K-Force Light is an XC- or gravel-compatible rim for $1,529.
FSA also had this 40mm internal plus size rim on display. No details on pricing are available yet.

Rolf Prima

Rolf Prima has a deep history as a wheel company focused on road bikes, but lately their wheels have been rolling over to the trails from the dark side.

Rolf Prima is based out of Eugene, Oregon and has partnered with White Industries, which makes premium hubs. Together they offer premium wheel sets for the XC, trail, and all-mountain riders.

The Ralos is an alloy clincher tire for XC or gravel and adventure with a 25mm internal rim width. Photo by Matt Miller.
Photo by Matt Miller.

Astral is Rolf Prima’s sister brand, produced in Eugene, Oregon also. Astral offers rim choices in carbon and alloy, like Rolf Prima.

Photo by Matt Miller.

The Hollywood is a carbon 29-inch rim with a 25mm internal width for trail, XC, and gravel. MSRP is $650 per rim, or $2,099 for a wheel set.

The Viper is Astral’s new asymmetrical alloy trail rim. It’s available in 27.5-inch or 29-inch and a 25mm internal width. Pricing for the rim alone isn’t available yet, but a wheel set can be had for $1,149.