Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bike Repair Stand Review


It’s that time of year when some of your bikes are coming outta hibernation and need a tune up. Even year-round bikes deserve a spring cleaning and a dependable bike repair stand like the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite (MSPR $240.00) makes getting started easy. The Pro-Elite repair stand is well thought out and includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. With an all aluminum construction and a tight fold down size, this is the perfect stand to use both at home in the garage and outdoors when you go for those epic rides or overnight events.



What sets the Pro-Elite apart from other bike repair stands is the super cool patented quick release clamp that allows you to mount your bike with one hand with nothing to wind down. Just squeeze the ratcheting clamp with your hand to lock it down; you can then adjust the pressure with the tri-knob. The best part of the ratchet is the button release which pushes the clamp apart and lets you get the bike out quickly without fumbling around.

Another really cool feature is the ability to set a bike at any angle and the clamp will hold the bike in place without slipping. That feature alone sold me on the stand since I do a lot of brake and fork service which requires me to hold the bike at specific angles during the process. To have the bike slip during those times is something I don’t want and I’m happy to say the Pro-Elite does not slip.

feedback3The construction of the stand is both sturdy and lightweight. All the important hardware and clamps are metal with good levers allowing you to clamp down tightly with minimal effort. There is enough height adjustability to allow you to work standing without having to bend over or even sitting on a stool. When fully open, the base of the stand measures 54″ across making it super stable even with a 50lb FR rig in the clamp elevated up to 71″ off the floor. With my 40lb bike clamped in there was very little sign of bending or sagging with the Pro-Elite, and rotating it around was still smooth without a hint of binding from the clamp. Feedback has a claimed weight limit of 85lb but unfortunately I wasn’t able to test that claim since I don’t have a bike nearly that heavy (maybe an electric bike might get close).

As you can see from the photo, the Pro-Elite utilizes a tripod design which means it’s stable on virtually any surface, flat or not (steer clear of any repair stand that isn’t a tripod). Set up your stand outside on the dirt and the Pro-Elite will be rock solid.

The red anodized finish on the tubing means no corrosion and worry-free maintenance on the stand itself. The hardware is a mix of stainless and black oxide finish that will match the corrosion resistance of the stand. There are also a few accessories you can purchase including the “Flop Stop” to hold your handlebar in place and a tool tray to hold your small tools and parts. The tool tray even features a coffee cup holder and a parts washer basin which sounds like a cool option for those who intend to use the stand mostly as a home unit.

The first step to getting serious about maintaining and repairing bikes yourself is to get a solid repair stand. The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite bike repair stand is a pro-level work stand that delivers maximum performance in a dependable, portable package. When you’re working on your bike, the last thing you want to worry about is fidgeting with your stand and the Pro-Elite doesn’t get in the way.

Specs from Feedback Sports

Frame: anodized red aluminum
Weight: 12.6 LBS . ( 5.7 KG)
Clamp height: 42″ – 71″ (1067 mm – 1803 mm)
Clamp opening accommodates tubes up to 2.6″ (66 mm)
Base diameter: 54″ (1372 mm)
Jaw width: 3.25″ (82.5 mm)
Folded size: 5″ X 8″ X 45″ (127 X 203 X 1161 MM)load capacity 85 lbs. (38.6 kg)
3-year warranty

I would like to thanks the folks at Feedback Sports for the chance to review the Pro-Elite repair stand.