Review: Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand

Finding a bike work stand that can handle the larger weight and size of the gravity-oriented bikes I normally work on can be a challenge. The Sprint stand from Feedback Sports conquers the stability obstacle by holding the front fork and supporting the bottom bracket, keeping the bike parallel with the ground and making repair work a snap.


The Sprint stand shares some great technical features with other stands in Feedback’s lineup. Constructed from 6000-series aluminum and anodized in red, this stand will put up with anything you clamp on it and will stay shiny!

For those who like to have a work station away from home, the Sprint folds into a compact 5x7x30in bag (sold separately). It weighs only 12.6lbs so you have no excuse to for not taking it with you to the trailhead.

Once unfolded, the stand spreads its three legs to a 46in base circle, which makes it very stable. With a working height of 30-48in, you can choose to stand or sit while working on your bike.

The optional 20mm through-axle adapter offers the ability to place any bike on the stand (up to a maximum of 85lbs). For multi-bike owners with a mix of mountain and road bikes, this stand will do it all.


Every stand has its strengths and weaknesses. The Sprint’s main weakness is it requires the front fork to be mounted on the stand, which makes it impossible to align the front brake over the rotor or remove the front fork. Aside from those tasks, this stand can do everything else. The Sprint’s main weakness is it requires a bit of work to change the adapter when switching from the front fork mount to the rear adapter, which takes just a few minutes to do but limits you to only one brake at a time when bleeding.

The Sprint work stand’s main strength is its unique mounting system. Specifically, the bike sits nicely on the frame pad, providing a sturdy platform for working on the drivetrain. Even on bikes with ISCG tabs, the stand holds the bike fairly well. I also really appreciate the 360° rotating head, which allows easy access to all sides of the bike without having to move around.

After using the Sprint stand for some time now, I have to say it’s great for repairing drivetrain-related problems, doing rear suspension work, and doing brake work (a pad block is required on the mounted axle when bleeding brakes). The ease of rotation and lack of swaying when wrenching makes my life that much easier. I found the compact folded size of the Sprint makes it perfect as a field stand. The combination of the three legs and low center of gravity keep the stand pretty sturdy, even in gusty winds outdoors.

The Sprint stand sells for about $255. If you require the 20mm adapter that’s an additional $16 and the carrying bag will run you another $30.

A big thanks to the folks at Feedback Sports for sending down the Sprint stand for review!