Review: Fasthouse Ripper Mountain Bike Race Shorts

The Ripper Race Shorts from Fasthouse are my go-to skin protection for gravity mountain bike racing.

The Ripper Race Shorts from Fasthouse have been my go-to skin protection for gravity racing this spring, and I am pleased with their fit and function alike.

The shorts employ the same heavy synthetic canvas-like material as the brand’s gravity pants, and their construction leaves no question that these folks design moto gear. The 99% polyester, 1% polyurethane shell is tough enough to save your butt, and the soft mesh liner slides independent of the shell to help prevent dirt-rash.

The bold slate (blue/gray) colorway stands out against the palette that most current riding gear is drawn from. Long adjustment straps on either side allow you to cinch them as tight as you like.

The legs are plenty long to cover the top half of your knee protection.

The Race Ripper shorts are essentially a cut version of the Fastline riding pants, though there are a few small differences in their upper half. With lighter material in the crotch and across more of the seat, the shorts have more ventilation than Fastline’s burly pants. I rode in these on some humid spring days, with temps above 25° C (77° F), and the shorts were comfortable.

The ratchet strap and silicone strips around the waist give the idea that these shorts were designed by someone whose trousers are often falling off. Their perforated front material adds a bit of ventilation on steamy rides.

Fasthouse Ripper Race shorts are available in slate or black colorways for $110.

Available at  Fasthouse web store and JensonUSA.

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