Fasthouse Fastline Mountain Bike Pants, Reviewed

Whether you feel "so enduro" or "so moto," the Fastline mountain bike pants from Fasthouse will work well on either saddle.

I managed to cram my phone, keys, and a snack in this solo right hip pocket.

Whether you feel “so enduro” or “so moto,” the Fastline pants from Fasthouse will work well on either saddle.

The primary differences between the Fasthouse moto pants and their bike trousers are that bottom third of the pant leg is much lighter on the pedal version, and the heavy-duty layers are in different places. If you like to alternate between your dirtbike and mountain bike every other weekend, these pants will undoubtedly work well for both.

The legs are a touch baggier than your average gravity pants, leaving ample space for any style of leg protection you want to add beneath. Breathable material on the inside of the legs and across the upper seat moves some air through the shell, and the heavy material on the front of the thighs, lower seat, and down the back of the thighs makes the pants durable in all the right spots. The last third of the legs is a heavy polyester that lets more air through while remaining sturdy enough for a few seasons of riding.

This inside-out view shows the soft internal mesh layer that keeps the pants and ground from chafing your skin.

The Fastline pants use the exact same ratcheting closure and hook-and-loop waist adjustment system as the Ripper Race shorts.

Available at Jenson USA and other retailers.

Thanks to Fasthouse for sending the Fastline pants to review.