No Ordinary Mountain Bike Kit, From DHaRCO Clothing

DHaRCO's party kit will unmistakably identify you as a mountain biker, and a fun one to boot.

The folks at Australian based mountain bike brand DHaRco Clothing have been doing kit design differently since 2012. They’re skipping past motocross fashion, and subtle earth tones that look like street clothes, and hopping straight into the party zone. You have likely read a clothing review that mentioned how a piece of gear works well on and off the bike, with a nod to wearing it at the pub or cafe and not being immediately branded a cyclist by fellow patrons. Conversely, in DHaRCO kit you will be unmistakably identified as a mountain biker, and a fun one to boot.

I have wanted to write about the new DHaRCO gear for some time now, but the pieces are always dirty because I like to wear comfortable kit that looks good, and these are some of my go-to goods. Everything finally made it on the laundry line on the same day, so here we go.

Gravity Jersey | Party Shirt

I wear a size small for most jerseys and all of the small DHaRCO jerseys are cut as advertised. The long-sleeve Party Shirt is appropriately long in the torso, with a slight drop-tail to keep you covered when you crouch low like a tiger. There is ample space inside the jersey for full back and chest protection or a svelt hip pack under the back. The neck opening is broader than most jerseys I own and doesn’t constrict blood or air flow when I am gasping for breath.

DHaRCO uses high-quality recycled polyester material that has all of the moisture wicking, fast drying, and anti-stink properties you could want in a shred shirt. The full-length mesh panels along either side of the torso keeps the shirt cozy and dry on sunny days in the saddle.

  • Made from recycled polyester Quick Dry fabric
  • Mesh side panels
  • Single “park pocket” for essentials
  • Cuffed sleeves to keep them where you put them
  • $69.95 USD, available at evo

The party pattern includes a mix of palm trees, table-top silhouettes, and flamingos posing with a variety of tropical plants. If this graphic doesn’t spell party for you, maybe it’s time for a trip to Australia to learn how they define the word down under.

SS Jersey | Party Stealth

The SS Jersey has all the same features and fit as its long sleeve look-alike, with a little more air flow over your arms.

  • Made from recycled polyester Quick Dry fabric
  • Mesh side panels
  • Single “park pocket” for essentials
  • $59.95 USD, available at evo
On a proper rocky trail, this grey party-pattern might turn into camo.

3/4 Sleeve Jersey | Camo Fern

I had to photograph the Camo Fern jersey away from any trees so it would stand out.

The Camo Fern is likely my favorite of the three DHaRCO jerseys I have, with 3/4 length sleeves that can easily be rolled up or down as the day demands. The sleeve openings are cut broad enough to slide part of the way over a pair of elbow pads or to keep a bit more of your arms out of the sun.

The jersey’s design pattern will stand out against your friends’ flourescent crossing-guard kits, but disappear under a dark stand of trees.

  • Made from recycled polyester Quick Dry fabric
  • Mesh side panels
  • Single “park pocket” for essentials
  • $59.95 USD, available at evo
The Camo Fern 3/4 Jersey also has a pass-pocket and nearly see through vent-panels along either side.

Gravity Shorts

The shorts are plenty long to cover the top third of your kneepads.

DHaRCO’s Gravity Shorts are simple and pliable, made from a robust 4-way stretch fabric. I originally tried on a size small that was too tight, and fortunately, the medium fits perfectly. Be sure to check the DHaRCO size chart when ordering, and select your trousers accordingly.

The Gravity Shorts are as thick and robust feeling as some of my waterproof shorts, creating some solid protection from dirt-rash when I hit the deck. While I dig the protection and durability characteristics of these shorts, the thickness is less desirable when temperatures creep up toward the “sweating-sitting-still” mark. For hotter rides, I will likely match DHaRCO’s breathable jerseys with a lighter set of shorts.

The rear waist pocket is a good spot for softer goods that can get sweaty, like packaged candy or other ride fuel. I made the mistake of putting my gloves in the rear pouch on one long, warm climb, and they were not dry at the top.

  • Made of 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • 1 hip pocket, and one rear waist pocket
  • 13″ (33cm) inseam
  • YKK zippers
  • Adjustable waistband
  • $95 USD, available at evo

The right hip pocket has space for a phone, keys, and some snacks. I recently raced an enduro with these items packed on my right hip, and everything else strapped to my frame, and was happy with the overall gear distribution.

Check out our mountain bike shorts buyers guide and our picks for the best mountain bike shorts.

Party gloves

For warm summer days when all you want from gloves is palm protection and breathability, the Party Gloves are a fantastic option. The mesh top of the glove is porous enough that the tattoos on my hand nearly show through, and the single layer of synthetic leather on the palm feels just like the second skin that it aims to mimic. There are smartphone treads on the thumb and forefinger so you can text your boss to let them know you will be “out sick today” mid-ride.

If you like to stop for photographs while pedaling, or employ your tactile senses for other uses, the lycra wrist cuff makes the gloves wicked easy to slide on and off, while keeping them tight enough to stay put on your hand.

  • Ventilated upper hand
  • Velcro-less easy entry
  • Soft durable synthetic leather palm
  • Smartphone swipe threads on thumb and index finger
  • $29.95 USD, available at evo

You can purchase DHaRCO’s women’s and men’s gear directly from their web site, and have it shipped to wherever you are. If you’re up for some well made, good looking ride threads that won’t leave you matching all of your mates, head over to their site and have a look.

Thanks to DHaRCO for sending the gear along for review.

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