DHaRCO Gravity Pants Just Might Replace Your Favorite Jeans [Review]

With minimal branding, tough material and construction, and copious snack storage, the Gravity Pants from DHaRCO are ideal for bike park laps or high alpine adventures.

DHaRCO Gravity Pants

I chatted with the folks from DHaRCO about testing their new Gravity Pants well over a year ago, and at the time they weren’t yet satisfied with the fabric. Throughout the 2019 season, their sponsored athletes like Connor Fearon put these trousers to the test. The result is a dialed piece of riding kit that handily matches the demands of modern gravity riding, looks good, and is worth the $151.95 asking price. There is an identically rad pair of Ladies Gravity Pants available, with all of the same bells and whistles.

The DHaRCO Gravity Pants are made of a slightly stretchy water-resistant material that’s 95% nylon and 5% spandex. The garment’s construction is made with Blue Sign approved fabric, and DHaRCO says “substantially less chemicals and water [are] used in the production – these pants are as eco-friendly as they come.” I have worn the gravity trousers while digging trail in the rain multiple times now, and they have yet to show any signs of wear or tear.

The DHaRCO shorts that I reviewed last season fit a little snug in the waist, and I had to order a larger size — so I did the same with these pants. It seems that the brand has remedied this sizing discrepancy, and the size 32 (shown) are a little big for me. There is plenty of room to cinch them tight with the velcro hip straps, but I would recommend ordering your usual size. Shipping is free worldwide on orders over $100, but I would try to avoid having to ship them back to Australia in exchange for another size.

Fitting through the legs is a touch looser than some other mountain bike pants I have worn, leaving ample space underneath for kneepads. The crotch is short enough that it doesn’t get caught on my saddle, while the lumbar material extends high enough to easily overlap with my shirt for full coverage in an aggressive riding position.

The knees are shaped to fit around kneepads and to provide comfort in a natural riding position. The robust material is light and flexible enough that the pants feel good while pedaling, and they will work well for cool weather shreds in any season. I’ve ridden in these pants at the bike park when it was 85° at the bottom of the lift and was happy to have a breathable layer of protection over my skin, though they will be ideal on rides below that temp.

There is a single zippered rear pocket just below the waistband that’s about the size of a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a second zipped pouch on the left thigh for your lift pass, second snack, and face mask, and a vertically zipped holster on the right hip that’s large enough for a cellphone, keys, and snack number three. (I often get hungry on rides.) While these aren’t cargo-pants by any means, there is plenty of space for the goods most riders want to pack on their person.

With minimal branding, tough material and construction, and copious snack storage, the Gravity Pants from DHaRCO are ideal for park laps or summer rides up where the air and trees are thinner.

Finally, the sneaky t-shirt in all of these photos is a Tech Tee from DHaRCO that fits, feels, and looks every bit like a normal t-shirt, but in practice it’s way better. The shirt is 85% polyester and 15% cotton, and the drirelease fabric is 100% better than any normal tee at drying out quickly and not stinking too much. It breathes and anti-stinks a lot like a merino wool shirt, without the abrasive feel that wool can sometimes create. The brand also makes a women’s Tech Tee, again with identical features and fabrics.