Fabric Has a Saddle That’s Like Nike Air for Your Butt

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Technically the Fabric Cell saddle is a “comfort” saddle–but that shouldn’t stop mountain bikers from checking this one out! Who doesn’t want comfort?

First off, the Cell is a really cool looking saddle with a translucent cover available in six colors. The company says the “air sprung” technology comes from running shoes, and it’s pretty easy to imagine this might work pretty well on a saddle. The saddle itself is pretty wide (which is an important part of the comfort equation) and comes with a weatherproof cover. Perhaps the biggest downside for many riders may be the weight–400g. Hopefully we’ll see this technology trickle up to higher end saddles with lighter components like titanium rails. For now, the Cell retails for just about $70 USD.

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Fabric offers plenty of high end saddles as well, and if you haven’t seen one in person, they look really space-agey, almost as if the saddle and base are constructed out of a single piece of material. The ALM takes things even further, appearing to integrate saddle and rails into a single organism that’s feather-light (just 148g). The ALM was designed in collaboration with Airbus, so clearly there’s a lot of tech that went into this design.

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