Ellsworth Introduces New SST Frame Tubing


This year Ellsworth will debut SST tubing on their Truth, Evolve, Epiphany, and Moment frames and it looks like an interesting development. SST stands for “swagged, shaped, and tapered” (sounds like something from the Waffle House) and unlike hydroformed tubing, this method relies on hand shaping. According to Ellsworth, the advantages are plenty:

  • Enhanced clearances: Makes it easier to access adjustment knobs on the frame and decreases standover height.
  • Increased lateral stiffness: Bike is more responsive overall (acceleration, cornering, etc.)
  • Reduced weight: Places material only where it’s needed.

We’re interested to see how SST tubing looks up close and how it performs on the trail. Check out the diagram below to see how this works.


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