Ellsworth is offering $700 off new mountain bikes!

Guess my predictions about MTB price trends were a little too conservative – Ellsworth is taking it to the next level! Basically the deal is if you send them your old (functional) bike frame they’ll give you $700 off a new Ellsworth mountain bike (or road bike if you’re so inclined). Details below.

Get Your BAILOUT here! Wondering how YOU can benefit from the Government bailout plan? Let us know when you figure it out. Meanwhile, heres a bailout you can have some of!

This month, Ellsworth is providing you the opportunity to bail out of your existing bike and get on the road or trail to economic recovery with a new, 100% USA Made Ellsworth MTB or road frame.

Well give you $700 bailout money!

Through March 31, 2009 and limited to stock on hand, send us a functional MTB or road frame and well give you $700 towards any new, in stock Ellsworth MTB or road frame. Well be bailing out kids in need of bikes, so please be sure it is in good working condition.

Well bailout underprivileged kids by donating your old bike!

Due to the Paperwork Reduction Act, which Ellsworth supports, to get started heres all you have to do:

1. Call us and get a Return Authorization # for the frame you’re bailing out of (760-788-7500)
OR take it to any Ellsworth Authorized Dealer or your local bike shop and have them call
us for the RA#
2. Clean up and ready the frame to ship, stripped of any components you want to keep.
OR take it to any Ellsworth Dealer and have them clean and ship it to us!

Riding bikes is something we can all afford to do! It’s recession proof transportation, it’s fitness and recreation, and it clears the head and heart so you can stay focused and productive in difficult times.

The Ellsworth Bailout Plan is a great opportunity to Buy American and improve your own state of well being with cycling and improve the state of well being of those less privileged at the same time (youve heard of win/win?). Everyone can get on the trail or road and participate in the American Dream of health, fitness and transportation that is independent of the world economy and energy dependence. Buying American has never made more sense!

If you have any questions, please contact the Ellsworth Sales Office at 760-788-7500.

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