Ellsworth Evolve Interbike Test Ride


These days mountain bikers like to talk about the 29er revolution but the fact is that even just a few years ago 29ers were generally poorly designed and awkward to ride. Today the Ellsworth Evolve proves that Charles Darwin was right: only the strongest survive and this is one strong mountain bike!

Climbing with the Evolve was a real treat thanks to the slightly compressed cockpit that puts the rider almost directly above the pedals. This means better pedaling efficiency plus it places the riders center of gravity in a comfortable position for both climbing and descending. Looking at the Evolve I assumed it would be a bit of a clunker on the climbs compared to my hardtail but it actually climbs like a much lighter bike.


Of course mountain bikers may disagree about the best way to get to the top of a hill but at the end of the day everyone enjoys a good descent. I give the Evolve high marks for handling rocks and washboard trails and its super fun on the swoops. This bike just feels solid even on shifting, sketchy terrain and holds its line like a heavy weight when it counts.

With 4″ of rear travel the Evolve is a dependable, versatile mountain bike that should transition well no matter what type of terrain you throw at it. Join the Evolution.