More Drop, Less Length with e*thirteen’s 170mm TRS+ Mountain Bike Dropper Post

e*thirteen has revamped the internals of their TRS+ dropper post, eeking out an extra 20mm of post drop while shortening the overall length of the dropper post.

All photos courtesy e*thirteen

e*thirteen has announced a radically improved version of their TRS+ dropper post. What’s so much better? Well, for starters, e*thirteen has increased the travel length of the TRS+ from 150mm to 170mm, and they’ve done so while still decreasing the overall length of the post. As you probably know, the amount of post that needs to be inserted into the frame can be a limiting factor on many bikes, so increasing post drop while decreasing overall length is a seriously impressive feat.

Updated collar

e*thirteen claims that this engineering magic was made possible “by simplifying the bushing layout and reducing the length of our cable hanger.” We’re told the internals are still easy to work on and maintain, since the post “uses the same fully mechanical, coil sprung, cable-actuated internals that don’t require bleeds, won’t sag out, and can be serviced at home with a basic set of tools,” according to e*thirteen. “With less internals, there’s also less to go wrong. To top it off, we’ve updated many of our existing internals to better function in both short and long term.”

Updated cable perch

The overall length of the 170mm travel post is 490mm with 125mm of minimum insertion length and a max insertion length of 245mm. The seatpost itself weighs 562g; with the 1x lever it weighs 612g; and with the cable and cable housing added in it weighs 693g.

Perhaps the best news has to be the price, which is still just $279. The updated posts are set to ship in mid-March.

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