18 Interesting Products from Interbike: Visionary, or Delusional?

Every year as we cruise the Interbike showroom floor, we come across brand-new products that could be the next best thing–or they might solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. Either way, these unique items are always super interesting to learn about! Here are 18 that we spotted at Interbike this year:

BiSaddle Da Vinci


The BiSaddle is a noseless saddle that features a modular construction. Each side of the saddle can be independently position and angled, and the width between the two modules can be dialed in to your unique anatomy. Also, the stiffness of each side can be independently modified with a variety of different inserts to create a soft, medium, or hard saddle.

The BiSaddle is designed to be adaptable to your anatomy, and consequently solve prostate issues and other afflictions from long-term bike riding.