Cycling earphones for iPod

Just what we need, more iPod accessories. Funny how many different brands of iPod speakers and docking stations are ending up in the discount stores like Big Lots and TJ Maxx these days, even Home Depot is selling this junk. But anyway, I digress… this post is about iPod cycling earphones from Slipstreamz.

First off, these earphones look like scary defibrillator paddles, ready to shock injured mountain bikers back to life. Apparently the cup design eliminates the annoying rush of the wind when you’re trying to rock out to Justin Timberlake on the mountain bike trail. These earphones actually attach inside your helmet so (supposedly) you can still hear ambient noises around you (like traffic) to keep you safe. As an added bonus these phones purport to keep your ears warm on cold days. Hopefully your helmet has a little extra headroom to fit these suckers in, otherwise seems like this could be a bit uncomfortable.

Probably the best thing about these headphones are the price: $12.99. For this price I’m sure the sound is just incredible 😉 but I would love to hear from someone who has actually used them.

ipod mountain bike headphones

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