Cool Stuff from Hydrapak

Although we haven’t had a chance to get hand-on with the hydration packs from Hydrapak yet, we got to snap a few pics and learn a little more about the goods.

Unlike other hydration bladders we’ve seen, the Hydrapak bladders are completely open on one end, making them easy to fill and clean. We’re told the folding closure and clip system are completely leakproof, though further testing is definitely in order. The bladders almost have a medical look to them sorta like IV fluid bags with water volume hash marks and quick connect hoses. Fitting, we suppose, given that some of the first hydration bladder designs used actual IV fluid containers.

Hydrapak also markets the Gel Bot, a combination water bottle and energy gel dispenser. With the valve pushed down, a squeeze on the bottle releases energy gel; with the valve in the up position, water flows just like in a typical bottle. No need for two separate containers and it eliminates the hassle of tearing open gel packets on the go.

Hydrapak definitely has some cool hydration concepts and we’re stoked to share more about the line of packs and bottles for 2011. Stay tuned for the latest reviews!

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