This summer we surveyed Singletracks members to learn about the most popular mountain bike saddles on the market. This graphic shows the top 10 models, along with some key stats about popular saddles to help you choose your next perch.

The following is the same information presented in the graphic above.

Key Stats

  • Average popular MTB saddle weight: 289g
  • Average popular MTB saddle length: 276mm (260mm for women)
  • Average popular MTB saddle width: 146mm
  • Average popular MTB saddle price: $107

Top 10 Saddles

  1. WTB Volt
  2. Specialized Phenom
  3. WTB Rocket
  4. WTB Speed
  5. Ergon SM-Series
  6. WTB Silverado
  7. Chromag Trailmaster
  8. Brooks Cambium C17
  9. Selle Italia SLR Superflow
  10. Specialized Henge

How does you saddle compare to the averages we found for the most popular saddles?

# Comments

  • Greg Heil

    I’ve been using the Specialized Power Saddle for almost 2 years now–best saddles I’ve owned! I have 3 of them, looking to buy a fourth…

    • Joel DH

      Specialized makes many of the top saddles, shoes and grips because of their Body Geometry programs. They really understand how the human body and the bicycle relate, so it does not surprise me you like the Power Saddle so much Greg. Look into the Phenom saddle, I’ve heard its great and I’m looking into getting one. They weigh almost nothing too..

    • Greg Heil

      Yeah, big props to the Body Geometry program. I currently have at least 3 of my bikes fitted with the Body Geometry system, courtesy of Shawn Gillis of Absolute bikes in Salida, CO, and they’ve all been excellent!

      The latest addition from BG? Custom-built insoles. Just got them a couple weeks ago, and they’ve been excellent!

    • mongwolf

      Hey Greg. Have you had any issues with the “clipped nose” of the Power Saddle in terms of using it on steep ups where you move forward on the nose of the saddle to keep the front end down but also keep traction on the rear tire? … … Hope that made sense.

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