Funn Adlib HD Saddle: Large for the Charge [Review]

The Funn Adlib HD saddle is large with thick padding which the brand says is to improve both comfort and control. We tested the it to see how the saddle performs.
Funn Adlib HD saddle

When the Funn Adlib HD arrived on my doorstep, I was skeptical about the thick padding and its large size. Funn says the saddle “pushes the size and shape up to offer a larger platform for added comfort and control.” The Adlib HD is described as a saddle developed with the help of enduro athletes, so the intentions of this design are most certainly targeted at longer travel bikes with a bias towards descending. This just happened to be perfect spring timing for me to put it through the paces in a DH race, on a local enduro course, and for general singletrack riding.

Funn Adlib HD colors and specs

The Funn Adlib HD is offered in four colors: black, blue, red, or orange. I tested the black-on-black version, which has a higher-end look than the other colors, making it an easy choice. All color options feature a unique but subtle black logo running lengthwise on the top in the same glossy black vinyl. There is no traditional cut out relief area; instead the saddle features plush padding in the center for comfort.

The larger size and robust padding throughout make it one of the heavier saddles on the market, weighing 335g. The weight likely isn’t make or break for enduro-type riders like myself, but this could potentially turn off XC weight weenies. After considering the size and the manufacturer’s intentions, I couldn’t help but wonder if this saddle could indeed improve bike control, especially while descending.

Chromoly rails are the only option on this saddle, and I found they provided a quiet, creak-free ride.

Ride feel

Despite my initial impression of the saddle being overly bulky, the Adlib HD’s generous real estate and padding provided great comfort for every ride.

When riding up technical steep climbs and shifting my weight around, I expected to get a few hot spots as I have with other saddles, but never did. The matte and glossy parts of the cover offer a grippy surface which give the saddle a predictable and stable feel, but also allow for responsive, controlled movement.

Funn Adlib HD saddle profile

When pointed downhill, the small bit of leg contact feels natural, not intrusive as I first expected. When in the dropped position, the outside edges of the saddle provide solid thigh contact. I don’t tend to notice contact with the saddle while descending, but I found the round edges on the Adlib HD are more favorable to a sharper-edged XC saddle. I doubt this saddle would improve your bike handling, and I am not sure I would ever look for a saddle that specifically touts DH or enduro control.

When tested on my steel hardtail for a longer day in the saddle, the bulky size felt unnecessary. Riding longer distances and across flatter terrain, the large size made it harder to find the sweet spot and a comfortable position. When I did find the correct position, I was able to comfortably settle in, and at the end of the day I did not have any soreness from the repositioning.

The construction gives the saddle a durable appearance with padding that fully wraps around the edges. I even had a spectacular crash in a downhill race and the saddle did not show any signs of damage.


Priced at only $55, this saddle provides tremendous value. I did not experience any discomfort or any annoying creaking. It does allow for comfortable rider input through the legs (what I would call control) but I found limited downhill control improvement. Assuming the size and weight is not an issue, it caters to a very wide audience ranging from beginners to pro enduro racers. If you do want something lighter, check out other saddles in the Funn lineup like the Skinny (235g) or the non-HD version of the Adlib (239g).

Even though the Adlib HD is heavier than most, has limited spec options, and is a bit bulky, it has quality construction and no sharp edges. It is great for technical and steep riding and generally comfortable in most scenarios. Most surprisingly, this is one of the most affordable brand-name saddles I have seen in almost two decades of riding.

  • Price: $55
  • Available at Amazon.

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  • Good price
  • Works well for technical and steep riding
  • Generally comfortable

Pros and cons of the Funn Adlib saddle.

Dirt naps

  • Heavy
  • Bulky shape