Bolle Just Launched Cycling Helmets to use for Road and Mountain Biking

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…and man, they came out of the gate with an innovative design! Bolle is calling their line of cycling helmets The One, and it’s a fitting description for this truly modular and adaptable helmet system.

A casual glance at the Bolle website reveals multiple cycling helmets: two for road, one for mountain biking, and two for commuting. But they’re actually all the same helmet, just with different accessories! Adding a visor transforms the base model of The One into a mountain bike helmet (this is actually fairly standard among competitors).

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Bolle The One Premium White Black 58-62cm 31582 Cycling Helmet
$148.40    Amazon   AD 

There are also optional clip-on “aero” panels to cover the vents (for road), and also a soft liner for winter riding. In the back, a clip-on LED light lends extra visibility on night rides. Finally, since Bolle puts a big emphasis on their eyewear products, The One features a “sunglasses garage” (or more accurately, a sunglasses port) for stashing glasses during the ride. This is a big selling point for me, as I’ve lost sunglasses on many a ride due to placing them in precarious positions.

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The styling is a bit unusual as well, with the helmet sitting high on the forehead and with decent rear extension for added protection. That high forehead positioning is no doubt helpful in accommodating oversize sunglasses.

The One MTB helmet comes with the LED, visor, and winter liner for just $129.