Bike tech at CES this week

Lest you think the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week is all about flat screen televisions and geeky computer junk, here are a few products being exhibited that even mountain bikers can get into:


The VholdR from Twenty20. This is the latest “action cam” from Twenty20 and it’s a rugged digital video recorder that weighs just a few ounces. Strap it to your helmet, mount it to your handlebars, or tape it to your butt – this thing can go just about anywhere! Single button action makes it easy to operate when you’re on the trail and the included software (supposedly) makes it easy to edit and share your footage. Man, this thing looks like a gun – and what’s with the name anyway?


Pathfinder GPS from MediaCanvas. The Pathfinder is a touch screen GPS with 2.7 inch LCD screen made specifically for “golf, motorcycle, and bike.” It has Windows CE built in which is not really a plus in my book but I guess that means it can potentially do more than just tell you where you are. Now you can work on spreadsheets while you ride!

Allen Navigator from Allen Sports. I wrote about this back in September after seeing this at Interbike. I still say it’s silly.


The Electric Bike. Who killed the electric car? I don’t know but the electric bike is still alive and kicking! From the Hong Kong based company that produces the electric bike:

The bike has been designed as trendy and fashion with the battery which is specially deisgn high quality built in safety features and battery management system . “


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