Are you old school too?


The other weekend we were riding down at FATS in South Carolina when we stopped to chat with a group of guys out on the trail. Here’s a rough transcript of our conversation:

Me: Is the Brown Wave trail pretty sweet? We’re thinking about heading down that way.
Kid on single speed: Yeah, it’s got tons of dips and jumps, just keep your front wheel down and you can fly.
40-year old guy (to me, motioning toward my bike): Just be careful – I see you’re old school like me.

Hmmm… My first time being called old school – and I wasn’t even the one on a single speed! Yes, my bike is pushing 7 years of service at this point but do I really look that ridiculous?

Perhaps the crumpled Deer Park bottled water in my cage was a sign (I forgot my official water bottles at home). Perhaps it was the fact that I even have a water bottle cage (I’ve never liked Camelbacks). I suppose it could have even been the fact I wore spandex that day (also forgot my outer baggy shorts that morning). Maybe it was my visor-less road helmet?

Whatever the case, I think he was right – I am old school. I need a mountain bike makeover from helmet to tire – perhaps Ty Pennington and his crew can save me?

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