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Ibis Tranny / Trans-Fat: Hardtail Race Bike and Fat Bike 

Ibis Tranny / Trans-Fat

What started as a 26″ hardtail soon morphed into a capable and fast 29er. The carbon frame can separate at the rear triangle due to a pivot located at the bottom bracket and a bolt that attaches at the seatpost. This allows several interesting configuration changes.

First, since the rear triangle can separate, the Tranny is belt drive-compatible out of the box. Converting from geared to singlespeed and back is also an easy component swap.

Not content with only belt drive compatibility, the dudes at Ibis realized that with the addition of a wider rear triangle, and of course a RockShox Bluto fork, the Tranny can also be a full blown fat bike! They even sell the conversion kit as an add-on if you already own a Tranny. Boom–all season biking on a single platform! And yes, the fat version is also belt drive-compatible.

Fast XC 29er? Chill belt drive single speed? Winterized fatty with 4″ tires? Why not all of the above!

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