2023 Trek Fuel EX Features Adjustable Geo and Leverage Rate, More Travel

The Trek Fuel EX gets a travel bump to 150/140mm front and rear plus a slew of frame and geo updates to suit a wide spectrum of trail riding styles.

The 2023 Trek Fuel EX sees major updates across the board, from geo to travel and frame features. It’s likely one of the most adaptable frames Trek has released to date, with options to customize the fit and feel to suit buyers’ terrain and style of riding. Previously offering 140/130mm of travel front and rear, the Fuel EX is now a 150/140mm trail bike.

Trek Fuel EX geometry

I usually like to paste a geometry chart into new bike write-ups like this one, but with the Fuel EX, there isn’t just one chart but SIX. Actually that’s undercounting by my calculations, but six is all Trek provided as a part of their media kit. The updated Fuel EX features the brand’s Mino link which adjusts the head angle by half a degree. There’s also an angle-adjust headset option that can be used to slacken or steepen the head angle by plus or minus another degree. Two Mino angles times three head angles equals six possible combos. But wait, there’s a mullet option!

Trek Fuel EX trail bike

Thankfully Trek is launching a new geometry tool on their product pages to help wade through the numbers, though unfortunately it was not available as of press time. The brand says the mixed wheel configuration requires a 160mm fork and the Mino link set to “high,” and it’s unclear if this brings the geo exactly back in line with one of the other six matched-wheel geo possibilities.

With so many geo options it’s tough to directly compare to previous model stats. Trek says the reach has increased up to 20mm on some sizes, while the head angle — ranging from 63-66° — is at least a degree slacker and the seat tube angle — ranging from 76-79° — is about a degree steeper. The latest models will feature size-specific chainstays for more consistent handling and ride feel across the size lineup.

Speaking of sizes, the Trek Fuel EX is offered in seven, from extra small to double extra large. The extra small frames come with 27.5″ wheels, while size small bikes can be configured with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels. Sizes medium and up are 29ers.

Fuel EX frame features

Not only does the Fuel EX feature adjustable geometry via the Mino link, the leverage rate is adjustable as well via a separate chip. The Trek Fuel EX ships with the leverage rate set to the less progressive setting. In contrast Trek says the “more” setting is a better choice for high speed jump trails or for running a coil shock.

The updated frame has guided internal cable and hose routing which promises to make swaps a little easier. The Fuel EX seat post gets beefed up to a 34.9mm diameter which allows Trek to offer slightly longer travel posts across sizes. The latest Fuel EX also ditches the Knock Block because well, it presumably doesn’t need it thanks to improved downtube clearance.

The Trek Fuel EX features in-frame storage within the downtube on both carbon and alloy models. All sizes are said to fit a water bottle, though the smallest size only fits a 15oz bottle, which is slightly larger than a can of Coke.

There are eight Fuel EX builds to choose from, priced between $2,699.99 and $10,749.99 USD. The 9.9 XTR build is said to be the lightest at 30.23lb while the second most affordable build, the 7, weighs 35.19lb.

We just received a snazzy blue Fuel EX and are looking forward to putting some miles on it. Stay tuned for a review in the near future.