On the last day of Interbike last week, the official IB Award winners were officially announced. In case you missed it, here are the winners from around the MTB world!

Mountain Bike of the Year


Intense Tracer T-275 Carbon

Chosen by editors and testers at Mountain Bike Action.

Mountain Product Innovation of the Year

RockShox Pike suspension fork

Chosen by editors and testers at Mountain Bike Action.

People’s Upgrade Choice Award Mountain


Pivot Mach 5 Carbon

The Pivot Mach 5(.7?) Carbon was chosen as the best upgrade due to users upgrading the stock 26″ wheels to 27.5″ wheels successfully on their own. Based on our conversation with Pivot, the upgrade has been so successful that Pivot now offers the stock bike in both wheel sizes. Still, we’d like to point out that the wheels and the fork are the actual upgrade made… not the bike. 🙂

Best in Show Mountain


Shimano XTR Di2

Chosen by editors at Mountain Bike Action based on items shown at Interbike 2014 during the first 3 days of the show (Outdoor Demo + 1 indoor day).

Best Mountain Bike Shop

Over the Edge Sports in Fruita, CO.

Other categories with MTB winners

  • Highest Brand Profitability to the LBS, Dollars: Club Ride (MTB apparel)
  • Best Brand Value to Consumers: Stan’s NoTubes

As we compile our notes and coverage from Interbike this week, Singletracks will be releasing its own list of the best products from Interbike 2014, so stay tuned!

# Comments

  • Greg Heil

    So the Pike is an awesome fork, but how exactly is that the best innovation of the year? The Pike just isn’t new anymore… it’s here, it’s established. Maybe LAST year it would have been an “innovation.”

    Also, as you pointed out in the “upgrade” category, the 27.5 wheels and 27.5 fork would be the upgrade that you would make to the Pivot Mach 5. The bike itself isn’t an upgrade… just because it’s “upgradeable” doesn’t seem like it should qualify for this category.

    • Jim Hodgson

      I want to know why not the Bluto fork. I mean, sure, the Pike is awesome and all, but the Bluto’s opened up a whole new thing, right?

    • Greg Heil

      See that would make WAY more sense.

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