13 Mountain Bikes that We Punished Over the Long Term in 2015


photo: John Fisch

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

The Thunderbolt surprised John as the first 27.5-inch bike he’s ridden with a “26-inch spirit and 29-inch momentum.” He opined it one of the best tech climbers with sharp steering and maneuverability on the tightest of track. There’s a bit of a learning curve when matching shock pressure to the Ride 9 settings, but it was thought that with some time and tinkering (as with any adjustable geometry feature), the issue to be self-limiting.

“…the rarest fulfillment of the inflated promises every trail bike makes. It can handle the most impressive range of terrain; while it is most at home in the middle of the gnar continuum… it ‘cheats up’ and is an admirable all-mountain ride as well.” -John Fisch

Read John’s full review:  Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

MSRP: $6699

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