13 Mountain Bikes that We Punished Over the Long Term in 2015

Cross Country

photo: Jeff Barber

Motobecane Fly Team 29 Titanium

While this hardtail titanium 29er may require a little more style and finesse on the downhill, the Fly Team makes no bones about its explosive, gravel-splitting climbing prowess. Neither the Fly’s appearance nor its price tag is the flashiest on the block, but due to this bike’s unwavering stiffness and smart spec, Motobecane is clearly more focused on the speed and precision required to flash you consistently to a podium finish.

“This is a cross-country bike plain and simple, and while the bike isn’t optimized for fast descents or drag-your-bars cornering, it holds its own thanks to the stiff and responsive frame.” -Jeff Barber

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MSRP: $3499

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