13 Mountain Bikes that We Punished Over the Long Term in 2015


photo: John Fisch

Foes Mixer Enduro 

If something seems a little off when gazing upon the Mixer Enduro, you’re right. Foes’ new 160mm travel enduro bike put a 29″ wheel up front with a 27.5″ wheel out back. Would the mixed wheel rig be the best of both wheel size worlds or just another fluke attempt to draw attention? Would stability suffer? Would handling go all skiwampus? Does aluminum totally suck? Answers: best, no, no, no. As it turns out, the mixed wheel combo would not result in a mixed review and what appears to be “off,” in terms of performance, nothing could be more spot on. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at where the Foes Mixer landed Junior Cat 1 DH racer, Tucker Kennedy.

“I will tell you right now, without reservation, hesitation, or mitigation, that the Foes Mixer Enduro is definitely a game changer.  If you are looking for the world’s best enduro bike and you trust my judgment, go ahead and contact Timberline Bikes or Foes USA right now to get your own example of this magnificent beast in your own bike rack.” -John Fisch

Read John’s full review: Final Review Foes Mixer Enduro 

MSRP: $3995 (varies by build)

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