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Now is the time to plan for your best mountain biking year yet! All of us can progress in our riding and in our experience, so let us know what you’re setting your sights on for 2020.

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  • vapidoscar

    Finish my build and fix my old bike. Then figure out a way to maximize my time. Not just about miles, hours or places. Get out more regularly and have more fun.

  • KatzenJammer

    I moved to Albuquerque for a job last March. Since then, I have upped my skills and higher altitude fitness on rock gardeny trails at Oak Flats and Elena Gallegos and met a lot of older MTBers with great skills. In 2020, my goals are to explore more downhill mtb’ing (all I have done is Ski Apache in Ruidoso) and Sedona and Moab.

  • KatzenJammer

    And btw I am still very happy with my 2018 Giant Anthem Advanced MTB. No plan to upgrade until I get an E MTB bc I Absolutely HATE riding uphill, since childhood in Boston before most of you were born.

  • C-Lo

    I let my friend hype me up to ride 2020 miles in 2020 challenge. It is going to take lot of discipline but I am going to make it happen.

  • mongwolf

    Hey C-Lo. You can definitely do it! Go for it. I made the commitment of 2019 miles in 2019 and will hit that tomorrow on my ride. Should end up with 2025 mi plus. 2020 miles breaks down to about 168 miles per month which is only 42 miles a week. Very doable. It’s a great exercise in discipline and consistency, and it establishes a solid base for your riding and the habit of riding. IMO, bad weather and injury are the two greatest threats … also family vacations could be detrimental along with work travel responsibilities. Travel almost killed a couple of months for me, but I pushed through it on my big travel months. Keep us informed!

  • mongwolf

    Still working on my goals for next year because I’m still working on reaching my goals for this year. =) BUT in general I want to get into the backcountry much more next year. So I am planning to ride several portions of the Colorado Trail and some backcountry trails in northern New Mexico. And the biggest plan for next year is to do the South Chilcotin Mountains in British Columbia with my sons and a couple of friends. We’re planning to ride self-supported for 4 days/3 nights, starting with the float plane flight/drop into Lorna Lake. Should be all-time. if you are not familiar with the South Chilcotins, see the youtube video produced by Specialized Bikes “Destination Trail – Canada” … truly inspiring.

  • Mick-e

    The poll has “ride new places”
    That’s too generic.
    I want to travel somewhere to ride a new place.
    That could be by plane or overland, but travel.

  • m.krupp

    My goal is more of an overall approach but not the list above:
    ride more
    explore new trails
    help my kids become better and spend time with them MTBing
    small upgrades on bikes
    ride the heck out of the bikes I have
    upgrading backyard trails
    learning more maintenance skills and doing more of my own
    expanding riding skills
    maybe a race or two
    My guess is that while some of us have one big goal like 2020 miles in 2020 (go for it) most also have a bunch of small ones that will make us more well rounded.

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