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  • Well at least we can joke about it… 😄 [url:3an41ljh][/url:3an41ljh]

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    ^ lots of good info in here.

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    I like at the end, the "yahoo" that you yell! 😃

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    Its getting a bit crazy, I’m stoked were getting it all this moisture, but It feels like the PNW out here. I need to get on my damn bike! 😢

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    "dgaddis" wrote

    Neil – I was reading your latest post on the pain. Dang man. A few thoughts:

    Ergon grips – have you tried them? I find them waaay more comfy than regular grips.

    Have you had a good pro level bike fit? Might be worth the expense with all the miles and time you put in, could probably help your knees at least.

    I have tried Ergons for the AZTR 300 this spring, they actually made my hands more numb. 😕 Thats why I wrapped bar tape around my ESI grips. The problem was the grip was to big, So I just bought new ESI chunkys Hoping they work, Its a never ending battle.

    I need to do the bike fit, I’m going to switch to a full suspension bike for next year i think. But either way I need to be fit on both bikes yes.

    Everything is starting to feel fine, almost a month later. Wow do these things beat up the body. I do have trigger finger on my right hand however that still kills. Any one deal with this?


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    If you had questions about my gear, maybe this will clear things up.

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    Well I was going to wait till Monday, but who cares. here is my write-up for this years Colorado Trail Race. Thanks again for the support, I could feel the vibes on the entire trail!


    -Neil 😀

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    Hey Guys,

    I just found this…thanks for following. I know personally its a bunch of fun following little blue dots. I had a lot of fun, but I also suffered quiet a bit out there. I’ll have a blog post up soon-ish. Cant wait to share it. 😄

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    Here is my recent race report on Salidas Big Friggin Loop. if you like these super fun endurance races, this is just for you.

    My report –


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    Need To Sell…… Big Price Reduction!!!!!!

    BIke is sitting in my room not being used, its sad and lonely! 😢



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    "mtbgreg1" wrote


    That beer is the extremely inexpensive Keystone Ice. 😃

    One of my favorite post ride beers in the can form is the Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe Brewing. yummmmmmmm I just might go get a 6er right now while i watch the snow fall!

    What?! Snowing in CB right now?[/quote:2i1h45tj]

    Yes Greg….When this happens you drink beer and chill out!


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    Don’t Count on Crested Butte Rides, and Furita/Grand Junction are starting to get very very hot. Its just a tough time to commit to a vacation in Colorado.

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    That beer is the extremely inexpensive Keystone Ice. 😃

    One of my favorite post ride beers in the can form is the Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe Brewing. yummmmmmmm I just might go get a 6er right now while i watch the snow fall!

    Ill always update the trails in CB as they open but I will not be doing it every week. Like Jeff said every trail in every region is different, If it rains in CB and the sun comes out after… the trails will be amazing! 😃

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    Dream Job, way to go bud!

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    Very Very Cool Guys! 😄 😃

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    never add any lube, just wipe down with rag after every ride.

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    "w1kk3d" wrote

    Also: would prefer a tubeless ready tire as I am planning to have my LBS do the conversion if possible. Have MADDUX DC3.0 wheels. Thanks in advance!

    I would say the Icon is one of the best xc tires out there. Its the only small knob tire with that specific tread pattern that really grips on its edges, and it rolls super well. What PSI are you running the Icon at? and are you tubeless?

    There’s a pretty cool hostel in Crested Butte, if that’s up your alley. Also, lots of great camping around Crested Butte.

    Hello friend, Glad your making you way over to CB this summer. First off some trails still might be under snow. Keep checking this [url:6tyemjfz][/url:6tyemjfz] link as it will have the most up to date information. Currently there are no trails within a 25 mile radius around CB that are riding. When in June are you heading out here? We got a hefty amount of snow in April inhibiting us from having a early riding season like last year. Its good though, we really need the water.

    As far as lodging is concerned, there are plenty of great options for you. If you want something with relativity easy access to bars then I would suggest staying in town, however the Grand Lodge which is 6 miles up the road will be your cheapest option. There is a town shuttle that brings you from the Mountain to town for free. the schedule up to June 21 is here [url:6tyemjfz][/url:6tyemjfz]
    The schedule after that is here [url:6tyemjfz][/url:6tyemjfz]
    If you do stay there the bus stop closest to you would be Mountaineer square, and you would want to get off at the 4 way or the Old Town Hall. There is also a late night taxi service if you are out later then the buses run that number is 970-209-0509.

    As far as town lodging there is one hotel in town, The Old Town Inn [url:6tyemjfz][/url:6tyemjfz]
    I’m not to familiar with there rates but my parents have stayed there and the rooms are fine.
    There are also plenty of vacation rentals that will be relatively cheap as June is the start of our summer season. Check or contact one of the property management company’s in town…Peak Property is the only one I can currently think of.

    As Greg said there are plenty of camping options up Slate River Road and Gothic Road but you wont want to drink and drive as that’s the PD’s main source of revenue in this town. Again I have not heard much about the Hostel but here is the link [url:6tyemjfz][/url:6tyemjfz].

    I Hope I could answer all of your and let me know if you have any others.

    You will love it here, I guarantee it!

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