What's in your pack for weekday rides?

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      I tend to pack different things (and different packs) depending on the length of my ride. Curious to know what essentials others are packing for short weekday rides specifically.

      For me, I wear a fanny pack with a tube, mini pump, multitool, quicklinks, toilet paper, cell phone, and a snack (which generally sits in my pack for emergency purposes.) Other than water, that’s about it.

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      If it’s a weekday ride, sometimes just a pump and tube. Although I have been burned leaving my multitool at home. One time my crank arm came off mid ride and I had to one-legged pedal 5 miles back to the house.

      So usually: pump, tube, multitool.

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      Thanks to frame bags, I never have to wear any kind of pack for my weekday ride (and usually not my big rides either). I pack these things with me:

      • Tube
      • Pump (as small as possible)
      • Duct tape (wrapped around the pump)
      • Multi-tool
      • Quick Links
      • Chapstick w/sunscreen
      • Tire levers (sometimes–just makes it easier)
      • Zip tie
      • Patch Kit (usually rides around in my frame bag)
      • 1-2 granola bars
      • 1-2 water bottles (depending on heat and ride length)
      • Emergency rain jacket/shell (ultralight and packable–fits in jersey pocket. Doubles as a warm layer if temps drop.)
      • Cell phone
      • ID + $$ if stopping for after-ride beer
      • If in the fall, emergency lights

      That said, my kit doesn’t expand drastically if I’m going on an all-day ride in the mountains. Here’s what I’ll add for that:

      • More food (maybe a sandwhich for all-day adventure)
      • More water (3 water bottles total)
      • Aquamira (water treatment chemicals to again, get more water)
      • Fire starter of some sort (usually a cigarette lighter)
      • Chamois Butt’r singles
      • Paper map
      • Wrist GPS unit
      • Depending on time of year, maybe an extra set of layers top and bottom–but not usually during mid summer.
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      I am suprised nobody mentioned a bear spray or a camping/hunting knife. I think one of those should be mandatory for the most rides.

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      I’m like Greg.  I carry a lot of things on every ride and pretty much the same things.  I carry much the same as Greg, so I won’t repeat an entire list.  Differently than Greg, it’s all on my back, but I don’t mind.  Also differently, trail bars do me no good for some reason, so I carry snickers instead.  Sunscreen?  I hate the oily stuff.  Small knife and bear spray, a definite yes Downhill Mike.  Bears and wolves are abundant in Mongolia.  The black bear is known to be aggressive for black bear though I’ve never had any problem personally. Depending on the season, I carry various layers because like other mountainous regions, the temps and weather change quickly with elevation in Mongolia and those changes can be furious.  I also always carry basic first aid items and a thermal blanket.  I try to carry the same thing every ride so it is easier to keep my pack ready to go at all times.  For longer rides and exploration rides, besides more food and fluid, about the only additional  items I carry are a compass, flagging and a steriPEN.  I like to mark with flagging new trails I scout so friends can find their way easier assuming I don’t go with them the first time.

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      a camping/hunting knife

      I don’t carry a big hunting knife, but I have an approx. 2-inch cerated knife included in my multi tool mentioned above, which is good for cutting most anything you need to cut. Won’t work for self defense, but I don’t live in grizzly country so bearspray and the like isn’t a big concern for me.

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      my “weekday” ride usually is short, 12-14 mile mid-work or after work loops. So that’s just 1 water bottle and maybe a granola in my pocket. No pack.

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      After reading everyone’s responses I feel like I am severely cutting my pack short on a short weekday ride.

      • 2 bottles water

      •  1 tube glucose tablets

      That being said my weekday rides  usually occur after work and consist of only 5 to 6 miles

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      pump, multi-tool, patch kit, spare tube, 3 tyre levers, water bottle, rain coat, cell phone, sometimes lunch, wallet, car keys.

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      Always I have a frame mounted mini pump, bottle carrier with an insulated stainless bottle with iced green tea and an under seat bag. In the seat bag I carry patches, tire tools, a park mini tool, and a granola bar. If the ride is more than 10 miles I wear a hydration back pack with a multi-tool, a tube, more snacks, a wash cloth and a small cool towel.

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