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      I picked up a new bike (Giant Revel 2) and absolutely love it! A world different then my walmart bike lol (Now I know why people say spend the little extra more)… While riding yesterday I noticed I’m putting alot of my weight on the handlebars and I don’t remember doing that with my old bike. What are some ways I can shift my weight back? Anything without buying any new parts for the bike?

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      Frame may be a little short, try moving your seat back if possible.  Also could look into a longer stem, just remember any changes will change the way the bike handles.

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        When you say the frame maybe a little short what do you mean? I’ll try messing with the seat and see if that helps. I wasn’t feeling any sort of pain in the back or neck from leaning forward but my arms were getting tired towards the end of the ride and that is when I noticed it.

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      It could be something as simple as your bars being rolled too far forward. If adjusting the seat doesn’t help try that. Just be sure to move the seat back to the original position first. You only want to be changing one variable at a time.

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