The frame finally gave up!

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      It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here….like 7-8 years long time. It’s changed alot since then. For anyone who is still regular from back when I was posting I’m starting to get back into riding. Pulled out my old 2006 ironhorse warrior 4.0 that I pieced together over the years, tuned it back right after four years of storage. Went for the first real ride in 5 years and guess what…. Snapped the rear triangle in half on the drive side in the first 10 minutes. Clearly I missed the stress fractures while giving it the tune up and once over.

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      I dont know how to include photos in my post haha so feel free to remind me. For now here is the link to a photo of the brokeness.

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      Great to see you again spazjensen! Bummer about the broken frame–I guess it just rotted away in your shed. 🙂

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        I guess that’s one way of putting it. But it was a bummer. After all this time I now have reason to get a better bike. But I feel I got my monies worth out of it. I mean the actual bike new cost me around 600. The parts I added to it gradually is over 900 haha which will be used again on the next bike. 8-10 years isn’t bad…….right?

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      Jeff, can you clue me in on how to include photos in my future posts?

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      Far right icon on comment section is a insert / edit link.  Never used it, but it’s there!

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      Yea, I tried that in my original post. Couldn’t make it work. Thought I was doing something wrong.

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