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      Well, I figured I had trolled long enough…

      Name is Dave, used to live down there in FL (Hey Chilli and others) in Orlando. Background was growing up riding BMX like I see most of you did. All started in middle school, we’d get there about 2 hours early, drop off our back packs and ride about a mile or so to a place called Mead Gardens. Years before they had sink holes that had long since dried up. Through a few months we shovelled our way to a small little track dropping in the sink hole, couple of small jumps, few berms and 2 notorious drop ins. Rode for quite some time then moved up to NBL there in the Orlando NBL track called Barnet park. Oh how I remember that infamous "Pepsi Turn" that is no longer there.

      Anyway, got out of the BMX thing as I moved up to HS and moved onto cars (my other passion/expensive hobby) As the years passed, I built a dedicated weekend warrior and have the car to this day. About a year or so ago I decided to get back into biking and purchased a cruiser, Diamondback Lucky 24 to be exact. Rode it quite a bit in FL and then with the economy, lost the job and eventually (and wanting to do so for about 5 years) moved up to Upstate SC. Upon moving up here, I quickly realized that a single speed just wasn’t going to cut it (not used to all of these hills) With the new job up here, met a guy who was into the MTB thing and got to talking. Shortly after I was on the hunt. Spent about a month getting properly fitted and searching Ebay and craiglist. With a limited budget I finally stumbled upon a deal I just could not refuse. Same 09 Gary Fisher Wahoo I was looking at, at the LBS I got fitted at, except this didn’t have disc brakes. Guy was from Atlanta (about 2 hours from me) but he was selling the bike for $250 and it had never seen anything other than pavement at Georgia Tech. I quickly called my friend living in ATL and asked if he could go pick up the bike for me so I could plan to drive out there a few days later to pick it up. I was completely impressed at the condition of the bike. Looked like it had just come off the showroom.

      That was about 3 weeks ago, so far being that I live in Greenville, SC I have been to Paris Mountain twice and try to ride every other day around my house to condition to climbing (as it still OWNS me) Having a blast riding out there and look to conqure the infamous Sulpher Spring Trail soon. It’s the same one the annual DH race is held at. But so far it’s been a great experience and is quickly becoming just as addicting as road racing. Plans so far are to head to Croft in 2 weeks and try something a little different, and before the really cold weather sets in, head up to either Dupont or Tsali.

      Love the friendlyness of this forum so I figured I’d drop a line and introduce myself. Sorry for the long read.


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      Chilli, your up early… I have yet to sleep. Night shift owns me…

      Keep me posted if your planning to head up this way. I have a another friend I ride with up here that is looking to enter the DH race in October. He’s an ex Pro guy looking to make a comeback.

      As for flatland FL, it certainly was around Orlando. But I do enjoy the challenge up here and look forward to progress.

      I guess… in this section I can ask questions about components? One of my local riders up here is going to hook me up with Disc brakes and levers, however I need to change out the combo levers on my bike now. Looks like Jenson is having a sale on their LX rapid fire shifters. Anyone see a problem with them? Obviously, for now cost is a pretty decent factor or should I step it up to the XT’s for $90ish.

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      Welcome Dave B from yet another old/ex bmx’er turned mtn biker.

      One of my local riders up here is going to hook me up with Disc brakes and levers, however I need to change out the combo levers on my bike now. Looks like Jenson is having a sale on their LX rapid fire shifters. Anyone see a problem with them? Obviously, for now cost is a pretty decent factor or should I step it up to the XT’s for $90ish.

      I have the LX’s on my 2007 Stumpjumper,there still working just fine mechanically wise,although I have noticed the front shifter has kind of a long swing in the shift leaver action.If you can afford it though,I would suggest going with the XT’s just because there a little better.I’ve read several reviews of rider’s upgrading there LX stuff to XT and am thinking of doing that myself.

      Well,here’s to your fresh start into mtn biking and hope you find many a trail to blaze dude.

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      Well, you’ll find me on here late at night as well. I work 3rds so…

      As for the shifters I was also looking at the XT’s as well. It’s only $90 at most online retailers so it wouldn’t hurt that bad. And the brakes, I want to get adjustable levers so thus the shift from the combo’s to the individual components.

      Sucks to hear about your toothache chilli. I hope to soon so that Sulpher Springs DH trail. I’m working up to it slowly. I want to conqure the pavement climb to the top of it first, and once I accomplish that (and on another day so I’m not totally whooped) I’ll ride that DH section. There is another DH section that is pretty wicked fast. Kanuga is the trail name. Went up it last time (still trying condition my uphill stuff) but it’s pretty scary going down at first.

      2 weeks and I’ll be at a new place. Putting a goal in place to race at Croft in next May in the Beginner group. A goal for now, hope to make it a reality then.

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      Thanks! By the way, this forum ROCKS!

      As for the DH stuff… remember I’m on a Hardtail too. Figured if I was going to get into the MTB stuff, I’d might want to learn on a Hardtail to not cover mistakes that a FS bike would allow. Then, I’ll move up and have 2 bikes.

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      Back to good ole’ Paris Mountain in the morning. We’ll see how it goes after being up all night working. Not going to do some intense stuff, just really riding to get out. Plan is Firetower up to Kanuga, then Brissy then back to the parking lot. Pacing myself due to it being the first ride I’ll do after working all night.

      Paris is closer to work than the house so it makes sense for me to go in the morning, and I missed riding this monday as my weekly trip.

      Then next weekend it’s off to Croft to try something a bit different.

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      Add some new territory to the list.

      This past weekend I hit up Croft, well actually Southside (just outside of Croft) Was a very pleasant experience. Little more technical in some spots than Paris is and a few places it was quite enjoyable being true single track. Less elevation changes here, and more XC style of riding. Rode for about 3 hours and enjoyed every bit of it. About the same distance from the house as Paris, so I think I’ll be riding twice a week now, once at each place. I’ll try to bring the camera with me next ride there.

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      It’s been a few weeks since logging in here…

      Finally went to croft and really enjoyed it there. Not so technical and great XC riding.

      This weekend, upping the ante a bit and heading up to Dupont, NC. That should be some great riding, and very scenic views with all of the colors changing right now.

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