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      Niner recommends the Medium Niner One 9 for 5-8- 5-11 people.

      I am right at the cusp at 5-10.5"- 5-11.

      Can anyone other 5-11 guys out there give me any info on what size ONE 9 they are riding?

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      What are you riding now? I’d compare the TT length of your current ride and the Niner, and go from there.

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      Not ONE 9 per se, but…
      Not sure TT length is a good point to start at since they are all slope (roadie compact format) design. You can do the virtual TT length (VTT), but then the different manus have their designs that impact wheelbase and head angles etc…Fisher and their Genesis stays, Orbea 4 point rear.
      I’m 5’10" and ride a medium 18" Ordea Alma 29er, 110mm stem and a no offset seat post. I have a longer torso.
      One of my buddies is 5’11" riding a Medium Cannondale Flash 1 with room to grow with a 100mm stem and no offset post. 6’0" friend is on a Fisher Superfly Lrg at 19" complete stock at 105mm stem and feels he could have snuck into a Medium Frame!!??
      We have all interchanged our bikes on rides to test, and the only thing we have really been adjusting is seat height or set back.
      I’d suggest riding a the Medium and Large on a trail vs a parking lot test. Cusp decisions are hard but when I’ve been close in the past, I’ve opted down and captured fit in stems and seatposts….and that was after doing a studio fit for a roadie TT.
      Good Luck.

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      Yeah I ment virtual top tube (VTT), should have specified that, good catch.

      The VTT length will best determine how the bike fits. Seat height is adjustable. Reach is too, but a set back post will put you in a different position relative to the pedals, and changing the stem will have an effect on steering. You may want that, or you might not.

      So you have to ask yourself, what do you like about your current ride, and what would you like to change?

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      Yo dude. Go for the L. I’m serious. If it is too long, like you said, you can always get a shorter stem or adjust the seat. I’m 6′ 1" riding an Air9 in size L and it even feels a little small sometimes. It took me some time to get my setup working. I had to resort to a 130mm stem, 410mm layback seatpost, and my seat all the way back on the rails to give me the positioning that felt perfect. This makes me think an XL might have been better…but I don’t really know.

      FYI I’m in love with my Niner. So…yeah. Pedal, damn it!

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      Thanks for teh input guys.

      I am currently riding a Raleigh XXIX ss and it is a medium. However, when comparing this to the Niner, the standover height is more similar to the large, but the TT lube lenght is 20 mm longer.

      I guess I could adjust the headset length to match the TT on the Raleigh…

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