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      My wife and I have recently caught the trail bug. We find ourselves kidless and at 45 and 41 were not ready to sit on the porch just yet. We live in beautiful Alberta and have spent this summer riding every chance we get. We live in a rural community about half way between Edmonton and Reddeer. We have done most of our riding at home or in Jasper. We have done a few rides in Reddeer and are looking forward to a few in Edmonton shortly.
      We started on our Canadian Tire bikes early this spring untill we met a wonderful couple in Jasper that turned us on to our new bikes. We both now have Giant Talons and cannot get over the difference. A shout out to the folks at Western Cycle for all your help and advice.
      We have found a couple of our rides on the site and actually just rode the lower Fryatt trail in Jasper and loved it.
      Look forward to gain some knowledge and maybe some like minded riders in our neck of the woods.
      Thanks Rod and Samantha

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      Glad you are enjoying mountain biking as a couple! My wife will ride on the road, but isn’t interested in the mountain. Welcome to mountain biking and the forum!

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      Welcome indeed!
      Beautiful country you come from. When we lived in Montana, we would frequent Alberta. Edmonton is a beautiful city (I don’t say that about many cities) and the Canadian Rockies are beyond spectacular. We never made it to Jasper (our loss–would go back for a do over if I could), but we absolutely loved Canmore.

      Hopefully you’ve noticed the current series Jeff and Greg have been posting about Alberta. It’s about time y’all got some of the recognition you deserve regarding the great riding you have there.

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