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      I’m fairly new to the sport and have a Giant Revel 29er it its time for new tires. I see a lot of people running Maxxis tires and have heard good things about them.  Right now I’m using tubes but will probably go tubeless when I change.  I live in Florida and would like to know what kind of tire and size (Maxxis or otherwise)  you’d recommend.  I understand most people run a wider tire in front??

      Thanks in Advance, Craig

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      What terrain do you usually ride? I’m guessing in Florida it would be hardpack and damp?

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      yes, mostly hardpack, some sand and usually wet in the summer months

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      I live in Jacksonville and the stock Maxxis Ardents that came with my bike work really well.

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      Maxxis Ardent front / Ikon rear is a popular combo

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      Thanks guys, I’ll check out the Ardent/Ikon combo

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      One more thing, I just checked them out. Should I get the Ardent in the 2.4 and the Ikon in the 2.2? Thanks again

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      Tires are a lot like shoes, one guy might love Nike’s and another hates them. I personally have only ran Maxxis High Rollers II’s so I can’t comment on any other models but the HRII’s are awesome.

      I would also look at Kenda’s Slant Six, great tire for loose over hardpack/hardpack.

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      I would go with the Ardent 2.40 front and Ikon 2.20 rear. Or an Ikon 2.35 front and Ikon 2.20 rear.

      High Roller IIs are awesome, one of my favorites, but they’d be overkill for riding in FL.

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      Thanks again, one more question and I’m done. When buying tires do I have to get tube less specific or do they fit both types.

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      First make sure your rims are TR…tubeless ready. If you’re still running the stock rims that came on your bike then I’m pretty sure they’re not. If you do have TR rims then you can by tubeless tires that are made specifically to create an air-tight seal on your rims. If you don’t have TR rims I wouldn’t suggest making the investment. Nothing at all wrong with the bike you have but going tubeless would cost as much as the value of your bike. Better to just buy a new set of tube tires. you’ve gotten good recommendation on make and model and size…2.40 front / 2.2o rear.

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      Some manufacturers, such as Mavic, Fulcrum and Shimano, offer airtight rims specifically designed to be used without tubes, but almost any rim can be used without a tube, provided sealant is added and all holes for the spokes are covered with a tubeless conversion kit.

      check out this


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