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      Im upgrading my 2008 Giant Trance this month. Want wider handlebars,  and shorter stem. I was looking at the Easton Haven aluminum 750mm bars, and stem around 65mm (instead of the 90 thats on it now)

      So, which handlebar/stem combo would you recommend/go with? My local bike store has a limited number of ones to try out, which I know is the obvious answer.


      Also looking at new grips, like the Lizard Skins Peaty or Charger. Cool color combos would be nice. Ive got black fox forks and a champagne/silver color Trance X1





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      1. I recommend going with a bar width that is best for your body and not what is in favor at the time.. Get down and do a bunch of push-ups, you will naturally get your hands to the width that is most comfortable and where you have the most strength. measure the distance to the outside of your hands, add 10mm and that is the correct for your body.  If you are doing exclusively down hill going a little wider works, if you are doing only tight woods riding a little narrower works.


      2. as far as stem length, most reviewers have come to the conclusion the Giant Trance comes from the factory with a stem too long, and recommend going shorter regardless of bar width. Giant Stance is the same way, my shop changed it from a 90mm to a 60mm before they tried to sell it, I switched it to 40mm since I got it.  I went with Truvativ Hussefelt stem and bars, been real happy with them.

      3. I went with ODI Rouge grips, I like having a clamp on both ends. Rouges only come in black, but their SDG and Ruffian grips come in several colors.

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      Are you looking for suggestions on length/width combos or actual brands of bars and stems?

      What is your current bar length?

      I like your change from 90 to 65 on stem and 750mm bars is a nice wide. Depending on your riding style and terrain, the exact length/width combo is pretty personal, but after going shorter + wider, I don’t see going longer than a 65mm stem or narrower than a 760mm bar in the foreseeable future. My set up right now is 50 stem + 777mm bar (Spank Oozy + Spank Spike Vibrocore). The best way to determine what’s best IMO is to pick a stem length that is 20-30mm shorter than what you currently have which is what you have in a 65 stem. The bar is easier… get a long one, like 780-800mm. Ride, trim, ride, trim etc until you settle on a width you’re happy with.

      As far as brands, I like my Deity Blacklabel and Spank Spike. Both alloy. My next bars will be Chromag because they look sick and come in some cool colors. Renthals are nice but too burly for me.

      My Spank Oozy stem is pretty slick… I’ve really liked Thomson stems. Can’t go wrong with Race Face Atlas. Also check out Chromag Ranger and Deity Cavity. These are all trail-type stems with lengths in the 35-66mm range.

      I have no good advice on grips, but ride ODI TLD lock ons which I like, but may go back to something less burly.

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      Thanks guys, youve given me reassurance about something Im pretty familiar with and some examples. Appreciate it. Ill look some of these up. I think the Easton Haven one I looked at was either 750 or 740, but felt huge. Im currently riding like a 660 or something like that. I couldnt imagine 800 plus wide

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      Terrain has a lot to do with how long you should go. If you have a lot of downhill, wider is better and you’ll warm up to it rather quickly. Just to clarify, only get an 800-ish bar so you can cut it down to what you feel comfortable with. The last thing you wanna do is get a 740 only to realize you’d like something a bit wider then have to spend more to get there.

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      How do I post a picture here?  Can I upload? I tried linking one from google

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      Carbon bars transfer less vibration so easier on the hands. If you have a relationship with any bike shop most will let you try different stems till you find the right length.

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