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    I’m wondering how many race promoters — or those racers who just want to put on a race (mainly because no one else will do it) — who have had permit problems.

    Many race promoters go into the permit process blind. They do not understand that the permit is the only way for a property manager to judge you, your company, and your event. The less prep work you do, the less they know about you, and the more likely they are to turn down your request. But what if there was a way to improve your chances?

    I’ve been through the process dozens of times, and after having many permits approved (and denied) by all sorts of property managers, I’ve learned that these four (4) tactics greatly improve your chances of surviving the permit process.

    You can read the full article on my blog:

    I think these tactics will help you get your next (or first) race permit approved.

    Once you get a chance to read my tactics, I would like to know if any of you have any OTHER tactics for getting your race permits approved.

    Or if any of you have had race permits denied (for whatever reason). Hearing about what went wrong is a good way to learn too!



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