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      Hi all,

      I just wanted to say how lucky all you members are, who live in areas where there are ACTUAL hills. I live on the Delmarva Peninsula, which is the lower shore of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. To be exact, I am six miles from the Atlantic ocean. With the lower shore being mostly agriculture communities, we have plenty of trails great for mountain biking through the woods, but with practically no hills at all. Peroid! We do have some elevation changes or grades, but no hills. So pretty much, if you go on a two or three hour trail ride, you are pedalling constantly for two or three hours. There are areas north of me, especially close to the De/Pa boarder, where they do have some descent hills, but thats still a four or five hour driving round trip. I watch videos here and on youtube of some of the members local tracks and parks, and i admit to being jealous. Wow… Must be great having local down hill rides. We still enjoy our trail rides here on the shore, but if you want speed you better pedal really fast…lol..

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      Do any of the trails have built obstacles like ladder bridges or ramps? It’s not the same as natural terrain, but I imagine you could have some fun with those!

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        Unfortunately not.. But we are building our own course at home that will. We should have between a 5 and 10 mile single track through our woods when we are done. Have 97 acres to play with.

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      Waaaaay to make the best of your situation BJ by building trail on your 97 acres.  In many ways trail building can be just as rewarding as riding itself.  So hopefully you find a lot of fulfillment in that.  And at least you won’t have to go through all the government red tape to put a shovel in the ground. =)  Also, if I remember right, your wife is a rider too, and you two are riding quite a bit together.  If so, maybe you two could plan some vacations or weekend getaways together to prime riding locations over the next several years.  You have a whole heap of great riding to the N, S and W of you all within a day’s drive — NH, VT, PA, WV, TN, NC, GA and more.  Exploring new trails is half the fun of riding imo even if a new trail isn’t quite what I had hoped for.  For me, any day exploring new territory is a memorable day.

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        You are correct Mong. We are also campers with a big 5th wheel camper, and we have already started picking our camping trips by who has good mtb trails. Add to that we both have family in NC, GA, and AL. All of them have awesome trails in their areas. In fact, while visiting my sister in Lwrenceville, Ga back in November, there was evidently a major World Cup type MTB event on some trails close to her house. My wifes brother in Huntsville, Al also has some serious mtb trails near him as well.  So travel mtb destinations are definitely on the schedule, but it will be super awesome to have single bike track on my own property.

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      Well, it sounds like all the cards in place for you to get some great rides in and experience some great downhills. =)

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