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    Ok, so it can be a full movie or an online video (since that’s where things seem to be heading these days.) Mine is probably Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate, though I guess arguably that’s not mountain biking, it’s trials.

    So if that one doesn’t count, I would have to say it’s Danny Hart’s winning World Cup run from a few years back. I still go back and watch that one with my kids all the time, they love it too. 🙂

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    I love both of your vids. The Hart run’s narration makes the viewer pumped up. It’s pretty funny actually but I feel like I did the riding at the end 🙂

    I love a lot of videos but this one is probably on the top of my list. It predates the era of Red Bull and GoPro having their finger in everything and seems to be simply made by a bunch of dudes that just love to ride. When I watch it, the area visually represents what I feel like when I ride; like I’m in a big playground. The cedar and berms just look like an incredible amount of fun.

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    Drop In MTB TV was a great series of riders. From trails, to trials, skinnies street, jumpers, all had individual talents. Cam McCall was one of the stars. DVDs available still. They toured around on a bus, mostly in Canada but in the US, New Zealand and more. You Tube can lead you there.

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    I’ll second @schwim on that video. It’s one of those you wanna watch again and after watching it you take your bike and go riding.

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    My favorite, which I can’t find anywhere on the internet, was the old show on OLN call Bike TV.  IIRC, it was done by Bike magazine back in the early 2000s.  I have one of my favoite episodes on VHS which featured people like Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie and Dangerous Dan Cowen back before they became famous.  I can’t remember the film maker, but he went on to do a lot of well known ski and snowboard movies.  I need to transfer that to digital and share it!

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    Man, favorite of ALL TIME? That’s a tough one.

    Honestly, it might be Brandon Semenuk’s one-shot segment… or all of unReal, if that counts 🙂


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