Examples of MTB Trails Built on Reclaimed Land?

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      I’m working on an article about mountain bike trails built on “brownfield” land. Anyone know of an example of a trail system built on say a former landfill, industrial site, or similar location?

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      Well the ESU ( Emporia State) trail was built on a construction dump. There is chunks of cement and asphalt everywhere. Air Capitol trails by Wichita were built in a construction dump too.

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      Virginia Key Park in Miami, FL was built on a landfill, and Santos in Ocala, FL was built on the site of a failed canal project. In fact, most Florida trails are built on the sites of failed or decommissioned public works projects!

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      I believe Graham Swamp, Flagler FL,, was built on an old salt mining area.

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      Probably the most successful example would by the very popular Cuyuna Lakes trail system in Minnesota, built on an abandoned open pit iron mining area.

      The beautiful Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs used to be a rock quarry and gypsum mine.



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        Laurel Hill trail system, Lorton Va is built on what was a large prison complex.  Trails are named after whatever part of the complex they were built on:  Slaughterhouse, Dairy Barn, Power Station, Apple Orchard, Workhouse.  Very nice suburban DC trail system.

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      Wow, this is a great list–keep them coming!

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      If we’re including mining land, there’s a lot–Five Points in North Georgia, which we rode Jeff, was built on old mining tailings.

      I’m not sure if this fits, but Jungle Habitat is a trail in New Jersey that was built on the site of an abandoned wild life amusement park–pretty unique trail: http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/jungle-habitat.html


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      I’ll second on Cuyuna Lakes. Continuing mining list there’s Adventure Mine trails in Michigan UP, where trails go not only around but thru the mine itself at one point. Very cool network.

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      Southside Park at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC uses land at the site of a former landfill.  That’s why its AKA “Tour de Dump”‘  Great use of land & its actually a very pretty forested area now.

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      Wildlife Prairie Park – Peoria IL.   Old Strip Mine (Coal) – in the home of Caterpillar which made for a pretty massive mining operation, mining ceased 30+ years ago.   Maybe the fastest, flowiest, single track this side of Boca Raton FL?   In all seriousness, it’s an awesome trail system, and only one of seven in the immediate area.

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      In south Chicago area is the new Big Marsh bike park.  Built on old abandoned steel mill property.  A really big deal for an area that doesn’t have the big mountain bike cultures of other states.



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