Dual slalom in Gainesville FL!?!?


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      Friday night at work one of my co-workers mentioned that somewhere at the end of the paved road that leads in to the property there was a big dual slalom course with a bunch of jumps.I kinda didn’t believe him because a few minutes before he had told me he hates that trail so I figured he may have heard that a long time ago and it had been overgrown or reclaimed by nature.

      I had another friend call me a few minutes ago and told me that all the bobcats and trucks we’ve seen workin" there in the last couple weeks are making the dual slalom for a race next weekend there.

      I’m gonna eat and load the bike and camera up…if I can’t ride it I’ll get a bunch of pictures,they may not be completely finished.

      Hell yeah!!!!!

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      We, Team Florida, built it for our race this Saturday. It’s 95% done. Please be weary it cost a lot of labor, planning and money before advertising it to the entire world, especially before our event!

      It’s for MTB’s only, please don’t ride anything with a motor on the course.

      However, it will be built into part of the public Rock trail.

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      I apologize if I should not have said anything,if it helps I was the only one there.Plus,it’s kinda hard to miss it if you finish The Rock,haha.

      Team Florida,thank you.That is a very fun run even unfinished.

      One of (I assume) your team members stopped by while I was there and mentioned knocking down some of the lips so it could be rolled on an XC bike.I would say it’s fine the way it is but I have a pretty high BB and bashguard.

      I plan to go get a full face helmet this coming up weekend and clearing the step down and doubles.

      Runandbike,would you rather me not put pics up yet?

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      It’s going to get ridin by the public, but it needs to be in racing shape for this weekend.

      It will be worked into the regular XC trail eventually, it will survive longer if people ride it after our race.

      It’s setup to be rather big currently, but it was only finished last week.

      Anyone is welcome to come watch on Saturday, the race flier is at seccc.net

      Yeah, wait til next week with the pics.


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      I’ll definitely be out there Saturday for the race! Sure to come back with better pics after the race too.

      I can see where it will need volunteer work to maintain,maybe on the roll in against the deck from rain washing the dirt down.Any thoughts on maintaining it yet?

      Sorry Chili,but stay tuned for pics next week!

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      Not really, were just hoping the Rock does not decide to build something there for awhile. To keep it going, it’s going to take the people who ride it to work on it, like most of Santos.

      A starting gate is going up soon as well, if it’s not there already.

      It’s pretty sweet to have DH in Gainesville, that’s for sure.

      The team is mainly focusing on cleaning up the trail this week, as our TT and STXC is out there as well.

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      I get 1 or 2 cranks in coming down from the gate, (not there as of this afternoon),about 2 after the first turn,2 or 3 on the way to the second turn,hit the brakes for the step down but I could get a couple in before that and really fly over it.Usually just 1 or 2 cranks is all I get,more or less according to speed.

      I’ll definitely come by with a shovel from time to time,I already try to trim back brush on the main trail there since anything low hanging is very distracting at night and most of my riding is done at night lately.I’ll even try to get some stuff cut back this week if I go.

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      There’s nice sized berms and you can definitely hammer it and have to to clear the doubles.I didn’t feel like my tires were hooking up very well and I know I could get lower on the berms but it just didn’t happen in the 7 or 8 times I ran it.Takes me about 40 seconds but I bet a more skilled rider could shred it in under 30.

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      I had a thought on maintenance,not sure if it’s too late.The guy that stopped by Sunday while I was there mentioned filling in the giant hole.Would it be possible to get a couple more scoops of clay out and just dropped in maybe 3 places along the sides of the course? Something to maintain the jumps and berms.

      Just a thought,I’m sure you guys had thought of that too.

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      That’s probably a good idea, but we don’t have a bobcat anymore and the church wants the holes filled in.

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      Just a thought,didn’t know the bobcat was not coming back so I understand.

      Is the race open to anyone or is that just for those attending classes?

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      Only UF students can race for Team Florida, but anyone is welcome on our training rides.

      However, there’s been talk about having an open DS race later in the year so we can get more use out of the course.

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      "RunandBike0519" wrote

      Only UF students can race for Team Florida, but anyone is welcome on our training rides.

      I wanted to race [i:2zalzy19]against[/i:2zalzy19] Team Florida,haha.

      In all seriousness,I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with you guys,I just thought it would be fun to participate in the race and see what happened as far as a time.

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      Here are a few pics of the gate and step down that will become a tabletop in the future.






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      The new addition is great, but folks we have issues. The jumps are larger than agreed and the holes made from getting the dirt are not filled in. If anyone wants to help correct this please send me a message. Also after talking to one of the directors and the pastor it seems someone had a fire there the other night and did not properly put it out. Please be responsible, I do not want to lose the ability to ride here but the church can shut it down anytime. Please send a message if you want to help, myself and some other riders have been redoing some of the ramps and a small ladder course and we are planning more. The more help we get the better we can make it.


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      The couple redone ramps are very nice,just got to check those out around 1am.

      I called you Monday morning but you guys may have been about finished up by then.I’d like to put a trash can out by the starting gate and volunteer to empty it about once a week,I know I’m guilty of losing track of a couple gatorade bottles and a red bull can.I see no need for a fire but yeah,a little responsibility would be nice if someone decided to have one.

      What are you up to tomorrow?

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      I got a big brown plastic trash can that I’ll be placing out at the starting gate tomorrow and I’ll empty it Friday nights before riding.

      I’ve got a shovel and I’m willing to come help fill in the hole whenever some dirt gets brought in.If there is any other option I’ll come help with that too.

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      We wil be there Monday about 9am to ride and after lunch to work on some stuff. Galaxy me to drop you a line, will call in the morning on the way. Anyone else want to come out, then come on!!

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      Chili..pics are comin bro,I’m resizing them and uploading to a host at the moment.I did it with a "virtual tour of the course" style in mind so it should be pretty easy to get the idea of how it’s laid out.

      I went out and raked a couple of my favorite sections of the trail where they flow pretty fast into and out of the woods, and slightly banked one of the tight turns that was flat.Someone had tried to put a log crossing immediately out of that flat turn that was already a snag in an otherwise fast section,and someone else promptly half-assed removed it but left a lump of dirt with sticks in it.That is all gone and it is a smooth shallow bank now that should dig in well and provide a fast corner for those who want to hit it like that. 😃

      Rareform,good meeting up with you this morning even if I could only hang for a couple hours.We’ll have to go check out the mexican restaurant next week when I have more time.I’d like to help work on the ladder bridges whenever you guys feel like doin that also.

      if the pics don’t come tonight,they’ll be up tomorrow,I still have about half of them to go.

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      I know of a great company that makes hips and knees,haha.Just kidding and I hope you feel better soon,injuries are no fun.

      I don’t remember seeing anyone like that (bigger guy on a slopestlye) out there yet but I’ll keep an eye out for him.Race day there were about 8 or so guys clearing everything from the SECCC but riding like that the course is fast and they’d fall pretty hard when something went wrong.I keep wanting to launch that step down but I just haven’t felt it yet…One time I’ll just sail over it,haha. I’m searching for a full face helmet before I really try to hammer the course though.

      I’m real interested in the new ladder bridges,I’m heading out after work for a night ride and I’ll scope those out. 😃

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      updated pics galaxy!

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      "RunandBike0519" wrote

      It’s for MTB’s only, please don’t ride anything with a motor on the course.

      Leave it to some jackass to take a dirtbike out there I assume this evening the way the tracks look.Whoever they are,they’re a pretty sorry rider not even clearing things I can clear on a mountain bike.If I had seen anyone I would have said something but perhaps a sign is necessary.

      I may have the pics up soon,sorry for the delay.

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      Yep saw that crap too, I really hope the Church leaders do not hold it against the few of us that have respect for thier property but it may come to that. I hope to catch that moto jack ass soon!!

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      I have not, I will get with them next week and see if they want a sign or signs and what it should say. I can probably have it done at work or sponsored by someone. What I do not want to do is offend anyone from the church or someone that has invested in the trails, but at the same time respect what has been done and the church’s property. We need to protect it for the church’s interest and ours you know?

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      The sign should read, No Motor Vehicles Please.

      That is non offensive, but it needs to be posted none the less.

      Rareform,want to help me groom the DS a little this weekend?

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      Can’t during the weekend ie today or Sunday, I’ll be there monday am about 9ish… Working on the ladders, should get the first section done. DS was flooded pretty bad from the heavy rains, we will see how it recovers.

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