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    Dirt Rag just sent out an email that they are ceasing all operations. This is very sad news. It was a great magazine. They didn’t go into a lot of the whys, but it was mentioned that advertising was way off. I recall reading in Mountain Bike Action that they had seen a drop off as well. It was something along the lines that the manufacturers wanted the reviews but they weren’t advertising. They can’t have it both ways.

    I subscribe to a lot of magazines for a lot of reasons and advertising is one of them.  Sure, I can go online but when I’m on a plane, there’s something to be said about having a hard copy in hand.

    Dirt Rag was a unique magazine and I loved their issues.  I’ll miss them.



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    Yeah, I’m also really sorry to see them go. I’ve been an on and off subscriber to Dirt Rag for about 10 years.

    I guess they’re just another victim of the infinite on-line Web-verse.  While I do appreciate on-line media, there is much to be said for the tactile ease and enjoyment of print.  (as an IT office data/hardware monkey I get tired of looking at an electronic monitor all day; printed books and mags are a welcome break)

    I am surprised the folks at Dirt Rag didn’t at least make an effort to move to a quarterly printing like Freehub….oh well.

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    Just got an email from DirtRag today. Bike Bash WV is still happening this year.

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